Conversation Forum. I am thinking about purchasing the ultra Shop multi-tool

Im considering purchasing the Super Shop multi-tool. I had been thinking about the Shopsmith, nevertheless capability to use steel (lathe, mill, etc.) is excatly why i’m thinking about the Super Shop.

Do anyone have knowledge about this means? I’d like both bad and good. Thank you for their help.


I’ve been the master of a Shopsmith MarkV Model 510 for approximately 16 many years. In addition worked for the firm during middle 90s as nationwide income and service manager. Its a beneficial instrument with a number of pros and cons on the program. Characteristics include versatility and simplicity in mobile from just one function to another and sharing of angles. The power drill click feature is first-rate although a little too quickly for big forstner parts additionally the band saw is great for what it is; a small band-saw. Drawbacks put problems in changing to actually fine tolerances since sleep of dining table noticed seriously isn’t all those things strong. (You figure out how to adapt to they in your techniques.) The lathe, while useful, was only a little light-weight and is likely to shake with large turnings if you don’t create the performance reducer (about a $300 choice) therefore the brand new lathe tool rest ($75?). The table noticed having its tilting desk is generally tough to cut sides on with big stuff, layer merchandise in particular.

All of that stated, the machine keeps significantly more than served my specifications all these years and I’ve just got one big maintenance, an engine replacement about 36 months ago, a rather straightforward DIY venture.

Would I buy someone else? I might if I was at exactly the same developmental levels as next (five years into the activity) and had small space. The size and style helps it be special for the attributes you receive. It’s ideal for a little hobbiest working area.

You will find eventually was able to lock in a no cost standing store of 20 x 30 and, if revenue comprise no object, I would getting updating to individual tools. That isn’t for the budget until after I retire so I’ll be utilizing this for another 15 years roughly.

I have perhaps not used the complete store but got a friend whom struggled to obtain them. The guy mentioned that it had been better quality that the level V, weighs almost double the amount, it is filled with the exact same problem due to the fact Mark V when employed in material, less so in wooden.

If you’re currently fairly carried out at the, you will be disappointed either in if you do not need space restrictions which require a trade-off anyhow.

It is like those fax, content, printers they sell. It can lots but not one from it well. Your money can buy you might do better with made use of seperates as well as have soemthing that can exercise’s tasks very well. I think like shopsmith, best beginners with glazed over vision and drooling lips with well over loaded purses fall for this stuff. I nonetheless recall those hour-long advertisements of the shopsmith late into the evening. In my experience that will be a sure sign a product or service is no great. I’ve been a woodworker and steel worker for thirty one thing age and consider this really is one of several worst issues can spend your cash making use of the the very least return.

Alternatively when you yourself have limited space and want to perform tiny things and extremely light metal efforts it may be okay.

If you are planning on getting this activity seriously I think you will be disappointed during these apparatus. like others said, all of them generate sacrifices becoming versatile. More skills you can get the greater number of dissapointed you will be using the equipments limitations. If you possess the space, solitary purpose machinery include a much better financial investment.

we will have to accept disagree. Shopsmith enjoys a great device range. Granted they may not be the finest, in every regarding knowledge but, they might be greater than lots of some other, appliance manufacturers.The accuracy and precision, and of course accessibility, of a variety of apparatus to do particular opportunities, have kept the product line in operation for nearly 50 years.

I’d anticipate any company who is able to participate with this period of time, up against the professional giants such as for example Rockwell & General. must be doing something right.

All skilled tradesmen posses their own choice in what apparatus they go for, with regards to the task that needs to be accomplished.

I would recommend it is not the appliance which makes the art, this is the man exactly who utilizes the appliance.

(To forestgirl, SORRY. Person that improve ways.) :)

Really your own website C.A.G.


Thanks a lot folks for your feedback. Space try my limiting factor, but, after their tips, I think i’d be better off to need split equipments or possibly get an used shopsmith to increase my contractors spotted. Again thanks for their feedback. Walt

In the event that you run combination honestly look at Felder, Rojek, Hammer, Knapp etc. and they also hold their particular financial investment greater. Put could be the only way purchase a shopsmith should you truly must however, if you really have utilized other brands you’ll likely awfully dissatisfied as a whole.

We looked at the promo kód wantmatures Shopsmith and journeyed to see a demo at Lowes. I was amazed in what they could do in a little area. But, I thought there might be some troubles focusing on large projects and piece products. I was scared that I would personally easily outgrow the shopsmith and will have a major investments in a device that I wasn’t utilizing much. I must say I didn’t and also haven’t got the demand for that horizontal dull facet of the equipment.

We took my personal times. Visited estate deals. Shopped for new machines and knowledgeable my self on what works for me in the long run. I found a great pantry watched, a drill press, a dust enthusiast and a 6″ jointer for less than 2K. If you would like incorporate the bandsaw into shopsmith the price with regards to their small unit was near to everything I discovered a 14″ spotted that i take advantage of every day within my shop. My issue was i desired anything NOW. Over twenty five years after beginning woodworking I am however purchasing toys and increasing the collection. If you don’t have to own every thing immediately and you’ve got the room to take action I think you’ll be more happy over time to set up a shop of specific pieces of equipment. In the event that you actually take the time to browse and search you can easily put a fantastic shop along.

Incidentally. I actually do need a Shopsmith now. It absolutely was given to me personally after a neighbors partner passed away. We used it as a horizontal fantastically dull device twice since I first got it.

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