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Elec Head is among those devilishly smart problem platformers that delights at each and every turn. Manufactured by solamente dev NamaTakahashi, your perform given that titular Elec, a small robot whoever looks can electrify whatever surface he touches, leading to they to light a dazzling color of yellowish in the dark halls of a strange, belowground premises.

Commercially, it’s his head in which their electric currents stem from, which you easily discover ways to throw-in purchase to flip changes from afar, establish newer platforms and dodge fatal challenges in order to get in one region of the place to another. The capture? Elec’s human body has only ten seconds of electricity leftover as he’s without their mind, leading to your to explode if he doesn’t contact they soon enough. The result is a stunningly close problem video game whose financial of brilliantly developed strategies is actually executed perfectly, plus it remaining me personally with a big fat grin back at my face for the entire of its three-hour run-time.

Separate across six loosely-defined phase that effortlessly merge into one another (and which you’ll warp returning to anytime to mop up the twenty collectible hand calculators), ElecHead is a fantastic exemplory instance of a game that will teach by design. You discover all you need to see by just finishing and engaging using its well-paced puzzles. Most of them become contained in just one monitor, but sometimes they bleed over into additional spaces also, promoting some precisely great interplay between ElecHead’s different situations.

Provide one early instance, you will come across an area, say, that contains a floors of spikes and lightbulbs chained regarding the threshold. The only way forward is climb up a couple of platforms causing the bedroom above. However, should you decide step-on a system because higher room that’s chained to a lightbulb down below, you’ll bring a deadly rise of insta-kill existing to circulate through it, bursting Elec and sending your back to the last checkpoint (that are generally amply located at the start of each puzzle). This means that, you will have to clock which programs have lightbulbs mounted on all of them before proceeding upstairs so that you can get across properly – and often you’ll need to chuck Elec’s head across very first if the hop’s too-large to mix with-it connected.

Operated, little looks, operate!

Positive, this sort of program you should not inform method will often leave you feeling slightly stumped in after degree, especially when there isn’t any book, clue program or almost anything to allow you to skip in advance to a higher problem (heck, perhaps the menus are common pictorial as well). There had been surely various times in which I was looking dumbly in the monitor wondering, “exactly how on the planet do I potentially resolve this?” In a sense, however, I also like problem games along these lines, since it also produces me feel just like the smartest people on earth when the cent at long last falls. And people alive, that penny will shed repeatedly throughout ElecHead’s bite-sized play times, there had been one late-game disclosure that had myself applauding the resourcefulness from it all. Those warp things aren’t only for show, individuals, that is all I’m saying.

Thankfully, even though you are doing hit a temporary solid brick wall in ElecHead, the solution has never been a long way away. This is not a casino game the place you’re chucking everything at the wall structure to see just what sticks, as you’ve actually best had gotten a factor to throw – your very own head. As such, actually the the majority of intricate puzzles must be solvable within Elec’s ten second schedule, offering every thing a feeling of immediacy that additional problem video games occasionally are lacking. Plus, the minute resetting on dying (and insta-kill key in your controller) helps it be very easy to test and press against these tight-fitting constraints while you’re calculating points aside.

This 1 got myself stumped for a good couple of minutes.

Fundamentally, you’ll visited marvel at just how some puzzles include made across specific time of Elec’s mind put, with platform speed perfectly paired on the quick moment your own recharged noggin helps make contact before falling back for the ground once again, along with other splendid operate ‘n’ jump minutes that are too good to spoil right here. A great deal of ElecHead’s wizard comes from the thrill of fixing it, and explaining they in almost any increased detail right here would rob your brain of the very own priceless cog-turns.

In the end, ElecHead is just an outright combat from beginning to end. It’s smart, wonderfully developed and it is all followed closely by a toe-tapping soundtrack by author Tsuyomi. It is a crucial buy for problem platforming connoisseurs, and a very good way to expend a night at under a tenner. It’s not typically We say this, but chucking your head against a brick wall has never already been a whole lot enjoyable.

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