UNCOVER SERVICE LOCALLY. LINC happens to be a resource hub in Cork area for Lesbian and bisexual people

CARLOW Carlow LGBT+ Network

Social networking for LGBT+ people in region Carlow.

CLARE Bronntanas LGBTQI Psychological and Health And Wellbeing

Bronntanas LGBTQI is a non-for-profit friendly venture. They make an effort to help good social modification by making it possible for safer, non-judgemental psychotherapeutic connections your health and wellbeing of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual visitors as well as their couples.

CORK Gay Task

4 Southern Patio, Cork

We provide facts, support and resources the homosexual, bi, queer and trans area. From your area heart in Cork you can expect several information including cost-free condoms and lubricant, LGBT reference books, publications and DVDs, LGBT and the health leaflets – you even have assistance by mobile and mail. The centre is actually available tuesday, Wednesday and saturday from 12 – 3pm for budget and tips each and every morning for activities.


11a While Route, Cork Area

Mon to Wednesday 11am to 3pm and Thurs 11am to 8pm

LINC are a resource middle in Cork city for Lesbian and bisexual ladies. We go a complete system of recreation and also have more helps within the middle like for example an alcohol and medicines help collection. Make sure you check out our personal page for whole facts.

CORK Gender Rebels

Gender Rebels Cork is definitely friends operating out of Cork town which advocates for and holds all transgender, non-binary, intersex and gender non-conforming males.

CORK LGBT+ Youghal Circle

A social and help community delivering societal competition, practise and involvement in Youghal pleasure from the beach.

DUBLIN Instructions Hospital

Medical 5, St. James’s Medical facility, James’s Road, Dublin 8

The TIPS Clinic, Dublin https://datingreviewer.net/escort/savannah/, may most extensive, cost-free STI, HIV and Infectious condition tool in Ireland. Our very own goal is supply excellent in order to people with HIV, intimately Transmitted malware (STI) and Infectious disorders, most notably worldwide overall health. We have been a highly taught staff of gurus convinced of constant study, training, continuous growth and growth of your program.

DUBLIN First Out Equal Support Party for LGBTI+ Females

The organizations fulfill using the internet in the initial monday of the week from 7pm-9pm.

First Out are a fellow support party for a lot of girls, of all ages, that are curious about their sexuality or thinking about ‘coming out’.

DUBLIN Gay Men’s Medical Services

Free sexual health services for MSM and trans individuals.

DUBLIN Committed Men’s Cluster

Carmichael Hub, Brunswick Road, Dublin 7

The Married Men’s Crowd is perfect for guy who will be, or were, in a wedding or future relationship with a girl and who identification as homosexual, bisexual or fascinated about guy. The students suits monthly and offers a safe place for males to speak honestly and confidentially and communicate the same ideas along with guys.

DUBLIN Committed Women’s Peer Support Cluster

Every 4th Tuesday with the month from 19:00 – 21:00 (on line via Zoom)

Happens to be an equal assistance collection for ladies that are, or have already been, in an opposite sex nuptials or longterm relationship. The fellow assistance cluster provide a good place for ladies to chat openly and confidentially with other females about similar encounters.

DUBLIN Outhouse

105 Capel Street, Dublin

Outhouse is actually a reference and area heart for that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender forums in Dublin. Outhouse has come regarding with the endeavors of people that have already been doing work since 1994 to give you a center point for our neighborhoods.

DUBLIN Directly Partners Peer Service Class

LGBT Ireland operates fellow organizations for individuals that include, or being, hitched or in a permanent heterosexual commitment with a person who has shared which they currently discover as homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or who will be questioning his or her sexuality or gender name. The fellow support cluster provides a good place for anyone to discuss publicly and confidentially with other folks who are checking out a comparable skills.

DUBLIN First-out Team for Gay and Bisexual Men

Initially Thursday for each thirty days from 19:00 – 21:00 (on line via Zoom)

Peer help crowd for mature people of various age groups that happen to be with the early stages of being released as homosexual or bisexual and generally are experiencing this or guy who would similar to to connect with their peers that at much the same period. The group is actually helped with by practiced helpline volunteers but there aren’t any plans and its member targeted. Meets basic sunday each and every period, 7pm-9pm.

GALWAY Illustrate Solais LGBT+ Website Centre

Teach Solais are a LGBT website Centre supplied by AMACH! LGBT operating out of Galway area centre for a lot of of Galway’s LGBT community, family members, friends and so the wide society, generating Galway a much more socially-inclusive destination.

Teach Solais is a LGBT website Centre supplied by AMACH! LGBT located in Galway city center for many of Galway’s LGBT neighborhood, individuals, friends and also the wide community, producing Galway a very socially-inclusive place. Really a safe, available surroundings to beat the consequences of solitude, homophobia and transphobia regarding health and well–being for LGBT group in addition to their family members. It will eventually serve as a drop-in place for the LGBT society, the broader society and also going to our personal urban area.


Galway depending peer support team for transgender men and women staying in the West of Ireland.

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